Vertical Boring Mills: Features and Advantages

Vertical Boring Mills: Features and Advantages

TOS America manufactures vertical boring mills for your machining needs. Though they may not be quite as popular as the horizontal milling machines, they have multiple specific usages that many industrial processes can take advantage of. These mills work through a rotating machining tool that produces a cylindrical, internal feature in the workpiece. These mills are very useful when working with larger, or uniquely shaped surfaces, and their use is not limited to metallic pieces either.

Vertical boring machines are designed with powerful, belt-driven spindles. These integrated spindle motors are capable of delivering with speeds that can reach as high as 40k RMP. The use of these machines also declines the need for manual intervention while they operate. They also eliminate the use of large amount of power to rotate a large block of steel. In this way, the associated dangers are prevented.

The machine procedures that make vertical boring mills so useful can be performed by using a conventional mill and boring attachment. Commonly, this setup will be used for the large casting of machines and heavy blocks of metal. It also easier to achieve a clear cut around the cutting tool by using vertical boring mills.

A few of the advantages of our vertical boring mills are as follows:

  • A boring range that can be modified through standard and extra spindles
  • Extensive boring head travel, for high flexibility in milling
  • Size and weight are ideal for large-scale industrial designs

The work of vertical-facing mills is extremely useful for many types of industrial production; because of this, it is very important that you are able to find one that has been carefully designed for your purposes. Feel free to contact TOS America anytime to learn more about our carefully-designed, high-quality boring mills, and how they will greatly benefit your own industrial production line.

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