Vertical Boring Mills Vs. Horizontal Boring Mills

Vertical Boring Mills Vs. Horizontal Boring Mills


While both horizontal and vertical boring mills are capable of doing various boring and drilling operations, either manually or automatically, they work in different ways. The key difference between them is how the machine and the workpiece are set up as well as how the tool is being configured.


Here are the differences between vertical and horizontal boring mills




Vertical Boring Mills


Also known as vertical turret lathe, vertical boring mills are applicable for all common lathe operations. It can perform plenty of operations such as boring, turning, cutting, tapering, and facing. The workpiece is processed in this type of boring mill by rotating it around the Y-axis as the boring head runs in a linear movement. Their applications include processing gear blanks, turbine casings, pipe flanges, tires and many more. The unique properties of vertical boring mills are the following.


-          The machine features a side head that can be fed either vertically or horizontally

-          The part is held securely by a rotating table

-          Using a cross rail-mounted turret slide, the steady tools can be fed both ways into the machine


Horizontal Boring Mills


Just like vertical boring mills, the horizontal versions are also capable of performing various machining operations. They are mainly used to bore huge parts using a horizontal spindle, meaning the spindle of the boring mill is positioned parallel to the working table. One particular benefit of using a horizontal boring mill is its ability to machine very large workpieces that can be placed on the working table with the help of an overhead crane.


The parts that are bigger than the table itself can still be machined. The only major requirement is that the workpiece should be stable enough while on the working table to avoid any possible injury to workers or damage to the machine.



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