What Are Boring Milling Machines Used For?

What Are Boring Milling Machines Used For?

 Boring is a process that involves the creation of dimensional holes on wood, metal and plastic materials. With different machines being used, the process is critical in the wood and metal fabrication industry as it allows for the creation of tapered side-to-side holes. Boring milling machines are also used as mills for the following applications.


Sizing holes

The need for high precision holes of different sizes is a critical process that requires thoughtful application of advanced boring skills. It involves working around the insert geometry of an existing hole with the aim of altering its dimensions. For standardized holes, a drill or reamer is recommended as it allows for the creation of holes that precisely meet the standard size of the boring devices. Otherwise, instances where the holes required are not within the range of the standard bits, the use of boring milling machines is recommended. 


Increasing concentricity of holes

In order to attain a satisfactory level of stock removal and accuracy levels in creating holes, the bits used in the boring machine should have the desired accuracy limits. Typically, a boring mill makes a hole that is concentric to the exterior diameter of the bits. As a result, there is need to focus on improving on the limitations of the boring mill, especially when working at high speeds.


Improving straightness of holes

Boring mills are useful in straightening cast holes that may have originally been drilled with less focus on straightness. For instance, cored holes created on castings are rarely straight and straightening might be the plus required in making them more useful for a given function. As a result, there is need to create more eccentric holes by allowing a suitable boring device through the crooked hole openings. This is a task best achieved through the use of appropriate boring mills.


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