What Industrial Boring Milling Machines Can Do

What Industrial Boring Milling Machines Can Do

The most important tools that manufacturing industries rely on are boring milling machines. These machines are large, powerful, and versatile in what they can do and are capable of machining any kind of materials like wood, plastic, and metal.


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Classification and Uses


There are two major types of boring milling machines, horizontal and vertical. Both of these machines can efficiently work on any type of project, even for complex products such as parts of windmills, huge motor blocks of engines, and turbines as well. These are essential parts of machines used by generators that help produce or convert renewable energy into electrical energy. Horizontal and vertical milling machines are essential in the manufacturing industry.


Among the industrial boring machines, the horizontal mills are more adaptable to a rugged environment. They are commonly used in boring hard materials from plastic to cast iron or structural steel. Many engine makers in the shipbuilding, mining, transportation, and power generation industries choose horizontal mills as their ideal solution for manufacturing their metals according to their custom requirements.


On the other hand, vertical boring milling machines are mainly used in machining large casting and metal blocks that are too large and heavy for regular horizontal boring equipment. Materials that are too large for a horizontal mill are clamped to the metal bed of a vertical boring mill and a vertical boring tool is introduced to enlarge holes.


Enhancing The Metal Shaping Industry


At TOS America, we are recognized as the top importers of the highest quality boring milling machines in Canada. We source our machines from FERMAT, which is a highly known and respected heavy duty machine and equipment manufacturer in Czech Republic. Due to our large impact on the industrial sector, FERMAT machinery is now in high demand across Canada.


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