What Is Behind the Quality and Efficiency of Horizontal Boring Equipment?

What Is Behind the Quality and Efficiency of Horizontal Boring Equipment?

In any manufacturing facilities, boring mill machines are indispensable tools that are always present. Horizontal and vertical boring mills are both very useful in manufacturing as well as prototyping operations. However, good horizontal boring equipment is safer and easier to use than its vertical version. It helps to improve both the quality and efficiency of your operation. Apart from boring, it can also perform other applications with suitable tools. Horizontal boring equipment is also used in reaming, milling, turning, facing, threading, grooving, and more. It is ideal to easily hold and work on heavier or asymmetrical pieces. This machinery is available in many types designed to meet different purposes. But despite the variety in designs, the basic parts and setup of horizontal boring equipment remain the same.


How Each Part of Horizontal Boring Equipment Works


  • Head Stock - This is considered to be the most essential part of the boring machine. It contains the spindles and holds, and drives and feeds the boring tool. For backing tools out, the spindle rotation is simply reversed.

  • Column – The column supports and balances the headstock as well as guiding up and down movement. Columns are hollow and heavily constructed. They are keyed and bolted to the bottom base of the boring machine.

  • Runways - This is where the columns traverse when in operation. Its primary function is to carry the main column, end support column, and the rotary table if present.

  • End support column - This part of horizontal boring equipment is necessary for long boring operations and when heavy boring tools are used. It’s an outboard bearing that supports the other end of the bar. It’s available either as opened or closed type end support.

  • Table - it is very crucial for holding work pieces rigidly for the entire duration of the operation. It moves perpendicular to the axis of spindle and uses wide suitable ranges of feeds and quick reverse mechanism.

  • Saddle - its major function is to offer a compound movement of the table and helps it to move transversely to the spindle.       

All these parts work effectively together to make your business operations run smoothly and efficiently. But optimum performance depends on the quality of the boring machine. That’s why we, here at TOS America, always ensure that our horizontal boring equipment and mills adhere to the highest quality assurance standards. Quality is our top priority to meet your high expectations and operational needs.  


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