What makes TOS America a Top Horizontal Boring Equipment Importer in Canada

TOS America is the number one supplier and importer of horizontal boring equipment in Canada, one whose pride cuts deep into their lowly priced products and availability of the widest selection of boring mills and machines. TOS America is proud to offer the market excellent Czech-made floor, table and planer boring equipment. The range of equipment in its dealership include new and refurbished, vertical and horizontal boring equipment, grinding machines, as well as associated refurbishing services for them.

Horizontal boring equipment is crucial for everyday machining duties of a business. It is multi-functional and can be beneficial in many ways. All you need is a little creativity and as long as you want to have the most quality product, then you definitely need horizontal boring equipment. In buying your boring equipment make sure that you are patronizing a toxin free formula. It should conform and follow the international standard and help promote environmental safety. The ideal equipment today is not only functional, but environmentally friendly as well.

If you are looking for high performance horizontal boring equipment, TOS America will offer you the best value for your money. First, proper guidance on the equipment in stock is provided by our qualified staff. Over this, we go an extra mile in explaining the operations of the equipment before you purchase. Our professionals will also gather as much information about your needs as possible before advising you on the equipment that best suits your need.  When buying a boring tool, there are various factors you have to understand in order to make the optimal purchase for your business. These constitute the basics for the purchase.


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