What Makes Vertical Boring Mills Unique

What Makes Vertical Boring Mills Unique

While vertical boring mills are not as popular as their horizontal counterparts, there are still a high number of applications where they’re considered more suitable. The most common configuration between these two types of boring mills is composed of a tool head and a work material that moves in three axes. Conversely, the major difference between them is the way the equipment is being installed, the way the workpiece is positioned, and the configuration used by the tools.


In order to fully comprehend the workings of boring mills of the vertical variety, it helps to know and take a closer look at what makes this type distinct.    

First and foremost, vertical boring machines are popularly known as vertical turret lathes. This is because their configuration appears similar to how an engine lathe works. The equipment can do different types of operations such as boring, cutting, tapering the threads inside and outside, turning and facing. Vertical boring mills have various characteristics but they are known for their most unique features. One is that the part can be held in place at the table and is positioned horizontally while it spins around its vertical axis. Moreover, the side head of the equipment can also be mounted both ways, vertical and horizontal. Lastly, the turret is not spinning but can be inserted into the mill also in either direction. 

Ultimately, vertical boring mills can be utilized for many purposes. Yet, they are perfectly useful in machining machine tool tables, water turbine runners, locomotive tires, huge piper flanges, ring gear blanks, and turbine casings. Here at TOS America, we have a complete working knowledge of boring solutions and related machines. We fully support all of the applications our customers need, the reason why we continue to provide boring mills of the highest quality. When you may not find these mills at other suppliers, you can always get a good selection of boring mills at TOS America. We carry a wide range of products applicable to a huge array of industries to ensure you can find the perfect solution for your unique business operations. Contact us today to learn about our full range of equipment offered! 

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