What to Look for in Boring Mills

What to Look for in Boring Mills

When looking for the right boring mills, there are several characteristics that you have to prioritize in order to ensure you get the best product. TOS America is a supplier of boring mills, and we are not just a brand—we are a stamp of quality assurance, giving our customers ease of mind in the entire process from product importation to aftersales. Working with TOS America gives you the best and widest selection of FERMAT Machinery.


Here are five things TOS America provides with our boring mills:


Guaranteed Quality

The quality of a machine refers to its performance but also to its durability and reliability. TOS America’s boring mills provide excellent quality with dependable and consistent results. FERMAT designs and manufactures its products using the highest standards the industry as a bare minimum requirement.


Brand-Trusted Distributor

All TOS boring mills are sourced from FERMAT, one of the leading manufacturers of boring mills in the world, based in the Czech Republic. Our job as importers and distributors is to ensure we deliver, install, and provide excellent support for your product. Having an excellent supplier in TOS America is a key asset for any business.


Undeniably Excellent Aftersales Service

TOS America has built our reputation by providing the best aftersales services to our clients, greatly benefiting their processes. In this light, TOS America aids FERMAT's brand in Canada further by supplying the best support services for all our clients.


Available Spare Parts

All businesses need a supplier who can provide spare parts for simple repairs. For example, TOS America provides spare parts for all FERMAT machines and models it imports to Canada. Doing so allows businesses to perform easy repairs with their dedicated maintenance team, saving time and money.


Dependable Logistics

A business must be able to rely on its supplier’s logistics and process pipeline. TOS America's decades of importing experience guarantees dependable deliveries, installations, and repairs for all our clients across the country.


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