The horizontal boring equipment is a special kind of machine used to carve out designs from various types of solid material such as wood and metal. The most recent brands of the equipment are compatible with CAD software and can be used to produce precise designs in a matter of seconds. They have an inbuilt processor that is able to convert the desired CAD design into machine understandable language that can be used to control the motion of the tool heads and worktable. The system also incorporates sensors and motion limiters that are used to ensure maximum precision throughout the machining process.

In most cases, the horizontal boring equipment is used to enlarge the diameter of pre-existing holes. It is used to achieve specific diameters with utmost precision. Therefore, there is a wide range of tool diameters that is used during the machining process. The working of the machine basically involves motion in the x, y and z axes. Movement in the three axes is achieved by the head part of the machine which contains the tool head and spindle. A fourth type of motion (rotary motion) may be achieved if the machine is equipped with a rotary table. This type of motion is mostly used when one is working on large pieces that cannot be adjusted easily during the machining process.

The orientation of holes may vary from one design to another. Therefore, horizontal boring equipment have different designs and functionalities meant to counter the different types of orientations. Some will only incorporate horizontal motion of the spindle during machining while others can achieve both horizontal and vertical motion for better machinability. The size of holes to be produced also varies depending on the size of workpiece and desired output. Therefore, two major types of boring mills are used in industries. The table type and floor type boring mills.  


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