When to Replace Your Boring Milling Machines

When to Replace Your Boring Milling Machines

Boring milling machines are essential for many manufacturers, fabricators, and facilities throughout different industries. Boring machine, especially FERMAT-manufactured ones, are manufactured to be reliable and durable. Unfortunately, they're not invincible and eternal. Timely replacements are necessary to keep your facility’s productivity consistent.


Here are five signs to keep an eye on for your bring milling machines:


Continued Misalignment despite Constant Adjustments

Your operators and maintenance personnel check all your boring milling machines for misalignment and other vulnerable areas for possible damages every day. If their frequent alignment and maintenance work does not create consistent improvements, you may have to consider that your machines are too old to repair.


Reduced Productivity

There could be a number of reasons if your facility has noticeably dropped its productivity levels. If you have found that your personnel have not changed their efficiency levels, then you should look at your boring milling machines for possible faultiness. Aging machines tend to shut down or break down without warning, possibly inflaming your tight logistical deadlines.


Repair and Maintenance Costs Too High

Here is one main rule of thumb in most mechanical and electrical manufacturing and fabrication equipment: repairs that cost beyond 50% of a new machine are not worth it. Even if the technicians can restore your machine's functionality to its early capacities, it will not be cost effective in comparison to investing in a new machine.


No Local Distributors or Service Teams

Even if your boring machines have support overseas, the lack of local technicians, spare parts, and repair specialists makes it virtually obsolete. It's better to replace your aging machine with one that has at-the-ready repair and support teams.


Operating For More Than Ten Years

The best-made machines can function efficiently for more than ten years, especially with exceptional maintenance. However, the ten-year mark is generally accepted as the time at which you should start paying more attention to your machines.


Get the Best Replacements from Dependable Manufacturers

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