Who Uses TOS Boring Mills?

Who Uses TOS Boring Mills?

TOS boring mills, whether horizontal or vertical, are employed by multiple industries, including oil and gas production, mining, chemical processing, energy industry, aerospace, windmill manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, and construction.

As the industry sectors expand all throughout North America, the demand for boring and milling also expands. A lot of machine shops that deal with boring machines are repair shops that receive parts for repair. It is estimated that up to 75% of components are sent to a machine shop for repair (instead of undergoing replacement). In circumstances where the part is too large or inconvenient to be sent to the shop, the shop will send its boring mill to the job site and repair the part at the customer’s facility. The time frame for repair thus needs to consider shipment of the part to the shop or of the mill to the customer on top of the actual repair time.  

TOS boring mills are employed by machine shops not only for repair, but for custom part production as well. Typically, these are contract jobs that a machine shop receives from a larger company that outsources its production. Machine shops sometimes also produce their own products for sale, however, or are integrated as part of a larger enterprise. A machine shop’s capabilities is largely dependent on the type of machines is houses. Certain models of TOS boring mills, for example, are suitable for smaller parts only, while others can handle larger parts and heavier volumes. Boring mills are also a big investment, so machine shops will opt for heavy-duty machines in cases where they operate on a daily and heavy-loaded basis.


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