Why choose FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment

Why choose FERMAT Horizontal Boring Equipment

Like any other machine or equipment, even boring equipment offers higher productivity when it is manufactured by a trusted brand. Brand value is of immense importance, and there is no better brand than FERMAT when it comes to horizontal boring equipment.

Established in 1990 by Ji?í Ferenc and Mr. Matys, FERMAT is undoubtedly the industry leader in manufacturing the best boring mills and cylindrical grinding machines. 
TOS America is the exclusive Canadian importer (except Quebec) of FERMAT boring and milling machines. Our deal with FERMAT has enabled us to supply Canadian clients with the best boring mills at even better rates. 

3 reasons to choose FERMAT horizontal boring mills


A motivated workforce that pushes innovation
What started as a family business is now one of the best manufacturers of boring mills. FERMAT employs over 470 employees on three different continents. Hired only on the basis of talent and motivation, the workforce of FERMAT is the driving force behind its monumental success. The employees of FERMAT understand the demand of the market and use technology to come up with innovative machines that exceed your expectations.
Cutting edge technology
The use of cutting-edge technology is what sets apart FERMAT from its competitors. A significant investment in research and development has helped FERMAT predict industrial trends and use the available resources to meet the demands ahead of time. The boring mills from FERMAT can work on workpieces of varying height and weight with utmost precision.
Extensive network
The network that FERMAT has created across the globe along with marketing partners has helped them establish a global coverage. All the Canadian clients can rely on us at TOS America for sales and after-sales service of FERMAT horizontal boring equipment. Our expert team can solve all your doubts and help you in choosing the appropriate boring mill for your industrial applications.
Get in touch with TOS America today for all your FERMAT horizontal boring equipment needs.


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