Why Horizontal Boring Mill Sales Are Skyrocketing

Why Horizontal Boring Mill Sales Are Skyrocketing

Numerical control (NC) machines are mechanical tools that are automated. In other words, they manufacture products without the need for human labour. These systems have been in use since the 1950’s.

With the advancement of computer technology, computer numerical control (CNC) machines have revolutionized manufacturing. Now, computer programs can automate most industrial processes, including boring. The global market of CNC machines is expected to be worth over $93 billion by 2024. Following this trend, the demand for CNC boring and milling machines will continue to rise as well.

What is driving this growth? CNC boring mills are increasingly being adopted in manufacturing, and here are some reasons why:


The reality is, boring mills can be dangerous. Fortunately, automated horizontal boring mills reduce human errors and produce parts more safely.


Their programming functions allow them to complete many tasks with accuracy and efficiently.


Software platforms are becoming smarter and more user-friendly, allowing manufacturers to program machines to meet their needs. Both the customer and the designer can customize the machine as needed.


Any designs, either simple or complex shapes with spaces and slots, can be made using CNC machining. This includes more complex components, such as geometric shapes with multiple faces. With additional installations and extra cutting time, these increasingly complex shapes can be made.


Horizontal boring mills that incorporate advanced 5-axis machine technology allow for coordinated motion and efficient completion of complex tasks. What’s more, tasks can be completed at higher speeds, with greater accuracy, and at a reduced cost.

Many of these trends and innovations are well-adapted by Fermat Machinery, the most in-demand brand of boring machines, both the horizontal boring mills and their vertical variations. TOS America is the exclusive Canadian importer of Fermat boring mills, the best in terms of quality and longevity. We always aim to offer top class customer service, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment. Hop on the market trend and let us supply you with the best in boring mill technology.



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