Why We Supply FERMAT Boring Mills

Why We Supply FERMAT Boring Mills

For those in search of durable and reliable horizontal boring mills, the FERMAT brand is one you should keep an eye out for. FERMAT’s latest table-type horizontal boring mill, the WFT 13 CNC model, has become very popular in Canada and Europe due to its powerful headstock and high axial force, as well as its ability to load large metal stocks without vibrations. We supply boring mills manufactured by FERMAT because we trust in the quality of their machinery and equipment.


The FERMAT Advantage

FERMAT is a privately-owned company based in the Czech Republic with a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of heavy-duty boring and milling machines. We are currently the leading distributor of FERMAT equipment, including table-type and floor-type vertical and horizontal boring mills, in Canada.


In addition to their milling machines, FERMAT also manufactures gantries, cylindrical grinders, vertical turning lathes and many other accessories. We can assure you that we only supply authentic parts from reputable brands, and we can recommend the right parts for machines you’re looking to purchase from us or for your existing machinery.


The Best Boring Machines

FERMAT has been invited to the AMB international metalworking exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany as they are a significant member of the industry. The AMB trade show is an opportunity for the world’s highest-ranking manufacturing companies to exhibit their precision-engineered machinery and equipment. The tradeshow is attended by leading companies from 30 different nations, and lasts for several days.



At one of these trade shows, FERMAT presented its WFT 13 CNC model of a table-type horizontal boring machine. With its state-of-the-art technology, modern design and powerful headstock and high axial forces, this boring machine allows for high precision boring. It is also easy to operate and has unique capabilities. FERMAT has built a reputation as an innovator of manufacturing equipment, and the success of its latest model is an indicator of the company's committment to producing the best machinery in the market. We choose to import FERMAT boring mills to give Canadian facilities access to vertical and horizontal boring mills that meet international standards.



At TOS America, we have over five decades of experience in supplying new and used vertical and horizontal boring mills. We exclusively supply machinery from FERMAT, a trusted manufacturer of high-quality boring equipment. Since we’ve partnered with FERMAT for quite some time, we are able to provide excellent customer service in recommending the best machinery for your facility and purposes. Contact us today for quality boring mills and accessories!

Great blog! FERMAT truly is a top-notch brand!
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