Your Guide To Buying Horizontal Boring Equipment

Your Guide To Buying Horizontal Boring Equipment

 We at TOS America are a top-quality supplier of horizontal boring equipment, vertical mills, and other industrial boring equipment. We take immense pride in the knowledge and expertise that we are capable of providing our diverse clientele with in order to assist them in choosing the right product for their specific application.


If you’re ever in the shop for horizontal boring equipment, we at TOS America have the quality equipment you need for your application!


Our selection of horizontal boring equipment, along with other boring mills that we offer are of an incredibly high quality. We have a partnership with FERMAT machinery, a leading boring mill manufacturer based in Europe. Their boring mills are well-crafted and insanely durable.


If your business relies on our top standards, then we are providing you with the best. We also pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service, helping you find the product that’s right for you. We see to it that our customers enjoy the products that we provide them.


Here are a couple tips to consider when choosing horizontal boring equipment:

  • Get what you can afford – Your purchase should only cost as much as you’re willing to spend. It’s always important to stick to your budget. Boring mills may come with extra features, but if it’s not within your budget, then you should always consider options that are within your budget. The most important consideration is that it can give you the design that you want!
  • Get one with a high capacity – Make sure that before you invest in horizontal boring equipment, it should be one that has a high durability and does not wear out easily, and is easy to maintain!
  • Focus on the reputation of the seller – When you invest in boring mills, you should always go with a company that has the proven experience, knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best. Companies that have been in the business with for years definitely have the quality that you can trust.


At TOS America, we offer quality horizontal boring equipment as well as supplementary parts. We offer a range of different boring equipment, from horizontal boring equipment, to vertical boring mills and grinding machines. With our proven and trusted experience and our exceptional customer service, we’re sure that we can provide you with the product that you need.

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