Your Handy Pocket Guide to Maintaining Horizontal Boring Equipment

Your Handy Pocket Guide to Maintaining Horizontal Boring Equipment

If you're reading this, you're probably quite familiar with horizontal boring equipment and the productivity they can provide. These workhorses are renowned for their utility in a number of facilities, especially metalworking.


Much like everything, however, they are not infallible. It should come as no surprise that getting the most out of these units involves having a comprehensive maintenance protocol.


Which is precisely why we’ve decided to amalgamate a checklist for you to run through in order to get the most out of your horizontal boring machinery:


Note Your Failing Parts

The machine operator in charge of your horizontal boring equipment will be your best bet when it comes to listing the parts that fail with regular frequency in your unit. Effective maintenance starts with preparation – which is why you should jot down these parts ASAP, so as to have your inventory department perform a parts search.


Know How It All Aligns

It is expected throughout the working life of your horizontal boring equipment for the table and head to become misaligned. This is, more so than others, pertinent to the metalworking industry as this alignment is tied directly to the accuracy and precision achieved for boring and milling operations; deviating from the standards in place can have severe implications down the route to assembly. Technicians are your friend in remedying this step.


Don’t Forget your Fluids

We’re all familiar with the adage ‘what gets measured gets done’, and it is no less applicable to your lubrication and fuel levels – get them measured. For example, ensuring your oil lubrication levels are sufficient can ensure that grinding parts, known to expedite degradation, can be mitigated and in some cases subvert the incursion of major damage. The same attention to detail applies for the fueling of any hydraulic cylinders within horizontal boring equipment


Be Particular About Particulates

Metalworking can be a messy affair, with micro-shrapnel finding their way into all the nooks and crannies of your horizontal boring equipment. Even with ideal lubrication, the effect this shrapnel can have on your unit can be damaging in the long run, affecting their performance and hindering their lifespan. A simple, yet effective, approach is to have your operational and in-house maintenance personnel – after working hours - use effective cleaning tools to sweep these away before being used again the next day. 


De-Stress Your Facility with FERMAT Machinery Boring and Milling Equipment

Of course, the quality of your machinery can ultimately play a large role in the work that can entail any maintenance. Which is why you can’t go wrong with FERMAT Machinery – designed with efficiency, accuracy, and hassle-free maintenance in mind.

At TOS America Inc., we’re proud to be the exclusive importer of FERMAT horizontal and vertical boring equipment into Canada. Simplify your operations by getting in touch with one of our representatives.

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